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Tattoo Numb – Intra-Numb 5ml

Tattoo Numb – Intra-Numb 5ml


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Directions For Use: The product is most effective when used on perforated skin as it requires fluid to work optimally. Apply 1-2 pumps to the area you are working and allow approximately 3 minutes to ensure the area is numb and that the gel has been completely absorbed. Repeat the application as needed should feeling start to return or when moving from area to area.

*NB – Do not wrap or occlude the skin with clingfilm, adhesive patch or any other non-permeable dressing.

Numbing Duration: Typical duration of numbing is 90 – 120 minutes. This may vary from person to person. For detailed information on why anesthetic onset, skin permeation and numbing duration differs from person to person,

It Works: Tattoo Intra-Numb works by temporarily inhibiting the signalling pathway along the nerve fibres, thereby blocking communication between the electric signal and the brain. Full feeling will return once the gel has worn off. For detailed information on how topical anesthetics work click here.

  • Ensuring the user stays numb for the entire session.
  • Slowing blood flow for those who bleed excessively.
  • Tattoos in sensitive areas.
  • Easing pain towards the end of a long session.
  • Minimize pain when re-working an area (EG: adding colour, completing final touches).

 Product Benefits:

  • Ensures user remains numb for extended periods.
  • Reduces swelling & improves recovery.
  • Works within 1-3 minutes.
  • Effectively numbs for up to 2 hours. Duration may vary from person to person.
  • Can be re-applied as needed.
  • Our Transdermal gel formulation does not affect the skin’s reaction to tattooing in any way.
  • Warnings: For external use only. This product is for Professional use only. Only trained professionals are recommended to use this product. Not to be used on individuals under the age of 18 without consent from a doctor. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Do not use if you are aware of allergy to any of the ingredients. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding. Avoid getting in the mouth. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. Do not get in the eyes. If you do get it in the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

    *NB – Allergy test on a sensitive area like inside of the elbow is recommended before use during procedure.

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