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Y D Tattoo Removal Solution 10ml

Y D Tattoo Removal Solution 10ml


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Please note:

⚡When You buy this product you do so at at your own and clients risks.

Buying this product without removal knowledge you take the risk of causing scarring and infection if not using it in a clean and sterile environment. 💣

FD Reducing Fluid is a 100% natural minerals tattoo removal solution with a pH of 7 (neutral pH). It is neither acidic nor alkaline. This solution is patented, which will infiltrate the cells containing the pigment particles, causing them to vomit the pigment, and then the solution will pull the pigment to the top of the epidermis. After the crusting, the molting will take off the toner particles. Advantages of FD reducing solution - Valid for all colors (laser is only valid for black) - Skin safety: 100% natural (non-acidic/alkaline) free of chemicals! PH 7) - Natural way to get the color out of the skin - Cheaper than laser treatment -

Short recovery time - no scars when procudure is correctly done and aftercare was done in a proper manner.

Skin Repair creams can be used after 3 days.

Available on the website in 5ml containers.

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