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Mast Tour Rotary PMU Machine

Mast Tour Rotary PMU Machine


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❣️No warranty on This price🍀

With 6 months warranty R6500

Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine With Mast Wireless Tattoo Battery Power Supply

With LED lights

This tattoo machine frame part is separate from the grip.

You can clean the tattoo machine frame easily. The grip is autoclavable.

The Seamless frame protect the inside of the machine.

This Pen-style rotary tattoo machine is for use with needle cartridges.

Its also Compatible with all standard tattoo power supplies.

Machine frame is made from solid rods of high grade aluminum then polished and anodized, with a laser engraved logo.

The grip is also safe to be sterilized in an autoclave.

Rotate the grip to remove it or adjust needle depth.

Machine has a high quality stainless steel spring inside its body mechanism. This Special mechanism makes a good direct hit together with enough softness.

This machine is perfect for all kind of works. Lining, fine dotwork, color parcking, shading, black and grey realistic

Kit includes

1x Mast Tour Handpiece

1x Wireless Battery with Charger

1x Power Supply.

Please read the device warranty before buying a device with Built-In battery.

Cordless tattoo pens with built in batteries are not recommended for salon use! These built-in batteries can easily be overcharged and battery will be depleted overtime. (How to know your battery is depleted : device will come on but will not work)

Charging time should be +-20min or until the light turns green on the pen – do not operate the pen while the pen is charging as this will also deplete the battery.

WARRANTY! (If Bought)

In the event of Product defect or malfunction under normal use by user following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Any defects caused by the user ie:- overcharging of the battery, electric current connection default, *dropping* the unit or miss use of the device, user attempting to dismantle and repair, all such cases will void Warranty.
Please note these batteries cannot be replaced. Batteries are not included in the Warranty

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