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Universal tattoo cartridges - 1 RL (.25 diameter)

Universal tattoo cartridges - 1 RL (.25 diameter)

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Crystal Universal Needles

1) The push rod is designed as a square to prevent the needle from rotating during use.

2) The gap between the top rod and the push rod should be controlled within 50 threads to maintain the stability of the needle.

3) The push rod is equipped with a breathable card slot to avoid wear and tear caused by prolonged use of heat.

4) Using a 15 pound silicone spring has moderate hardness and is easy to open the skin with minimal damage to the instrument.

5) Small windows are not easy to enter dust and impurities, and will not cause secondary pollution due to jamming.

6)Specialized tip designed for superior ink flow

7)Designed for total needle stability

8)Compatible with most machines and grips on the market

9)Soft edge magnums run along the skin with more conformity, allowing for better dispersal of ink and a more consistent line.

It’s also less damaging to the skin and helps with soft shading.

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